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Taveuni Palms Fiji

´╗┐Taveuni Palms Fiji

The Taveuni Palms in Fiji is an intimate retreatoffering two private guest houses, a secluded sandybeach, and even a freshwater swimming pool. Theisland has many spectacular things to offer, suchas scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, andmany other vacation activities.

The Taveuni Island has always been known for itsunique and colorful sea life, tropical fish, and amazing varieties of soft and hard coral. The Rainbow Reef, Great White Wall, Purple Wall, and Zoo dive sites are all within easy reach of the Taveuni resort.

The Great White Wall reef offers a tunnel with twoexits, one at 33 feet and another at 88 feet. Whenyou swim through it, you'll notice a white glowthat is given off by the soft corals that seemto surround you.

You'll also find two dive centers that are minutesfrom Taveuni Palms, which offer you dive equipmentand certified diving instructors. From beginners to expert divers, you can have a lot of fun scubadiving on your beach vacation.

Rooms and suitesThe two seperate beachfront villas at Taveuni Palmsin Fiji come with their own staff to help makeyour vacation a bit more relaxing. The staffwill make your dreams come true, as they offerfull room support.

Each seperate villa offers a pool, two bedrooms,a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, and a very unique indoor/outdoor bathroom. The outdoordeck is equipped with chairs so that you can spendtime outside as well, taking in the surroundingviews of the ocean. The spectacular sunsets willturn into tropical nights - with stunning starlitskies.

Your personal maid at the villa will provide youwith daily cleaning service, laundry service, fresh flowers, and evening turn down. The maidshere are very professional, making your stay atthe Taveuni Palms in Fiji one you'll rememberfor years to come.

The resort will also provide you with your ownprivate chef, kitchen, and bar staff who willprovide your daily meals, which are included inthe cost of your stay. This way, you don't haveto eat out - your food will be prepared for youat the resort.

Getting to TaveuniTo get to Taveuni Palms, fly to Nadi Internationalairport in Fiji. From there, catch a connectingflight to Taveuni Island where the Taveuni Palmsstaff will meet you at the airport, five minutesfrom the hotel.

Five top packing tips

´╗┐Five Top Packing Tips

1) Boxes are a staple for moving because they are usually quite regular sized, easy to carry and if taped together correctly, rarely fall apart. Regular sizes are important for maximizing your van space and ensuring you're not wasting areas in your transport that could otherwise be filled. On the flip side, bags can be compressed anywhere! It is possible however for bags to be mistaken for rubbish. 2) Bags are good for items like clothing, and bedding, and when you've ran out of boxes to pack anything. Teddies and soft toys work well in bags - edged objects, or items that are likely to be too heavy to carry in a plastic bag would probably work better in boxes. Bags also work well with linens.

3) Whilst packing, it's important to maximize space - and pack your biggest objects first, and fill space around them. Books are easiest to pack, odd shaped, awkward items such as ornaments and other items are the worst to pack, and both types should go in boxes, as should dishes and other objects that are considered fragile. 4) Mark all boxes and bags (if you can) carefully - it makes them easier to find things in, and to sort into rooms without having to break them open. This will all help in your new house. Always remember to mark bags you're using for belongings clearly so that they don't get mistaken for rubbish - or buy completely different bags for your rubbish and your belongings.

5) While it may only take you a couple of weeks to pack, it can take eight weeks - or MORE to unpack at the other end - so though you're 'just boxing items up for a couple of days' remember that you may not find it for up to two months, or perhaps more.